Tension Headache And Migraine Pain

Lake Orion Chiropractor Offers Relief For Tension Headache and Migraine Pain

Dr. Matt McCartney of McCartney Family Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic Lake Orion, MI offers healing therapy using State-of-The-Art Chiropractic tools to help remedy and relieve Common Tension Headache and Migraine Pain issues.   Dr. McCartney does a complete Chiropractic evaluation to determine the condition of the patient’s spine and joints in their head and neck that may be causing nerve or muscle injuries.  These types of injuries are often the cause of Headaches and Migraines.

What exactly is a migraine? A migraine is often a major headache disorder experienced as repeated headaches which can be moderate to severe. Mostly, the headaches impact one half of the head, are throbbing in nature, and may be unrelenting and continue for days. additional symptoms associated consist of upset stomach, regurgitating, and irritation caused by light, sound, or smell.

How does a migraine differentiate say from a typical tension type headache?

When contrasted to tension or any other headache manifestations, migraine headaches may be moderate to extremely intense while tension versions of headaches are normally not as painful. Some people may have headaches so acute they seek relief at a hospital. Migraine headaches will mostly impact only one side of the head area.  The common tension type headache is caused by the contraction of muscles between the head and neck.

Is a migraine simply a bad headache? No, migraine is not just merely a bad headache. Migraine can be a complex brain disorder with many different possible symptoms. While headache could be the most common symptom, some patients have little if any headache with their migraines. … during a migraine, tissue around the brain is swollen, which causes intense pain.  The good news is that Chiropractic treatment can help.

How Does Dr. McCartney Determine Treatment Options?

In his first step in determining a treatment protocol for his patient Dr. McCartney does a thorough patient evaluation using a Multiple Impulse Device to identify tension points created by damaged nerves, strained muscles, damaged bones & muscle, ligament damage, damaged cervical or lumbar discs.  This system develops a baseline graphical view of the total spine current condition and very gently does the necessary adjustments to move the spines anomaly’s back into the correct position.  The adjustments done by this device eliminate the traditional anxiety (for some people) producing twisting and manual manipulation of the spine done by Chiropractors.  This therapy may be done in conjunction with Cervical Traction that gently relieves the pressure on the nerves by stretching & relieving the pressure on the disc.  Adding Laser treatments increases blood flow to the impacted area reducing inflammation and pain while promoting faster healing.

Tension Headache and Migraine Pain

Tension Headache and Migraine Pain

It’s terrific news that Dr. McCartney offers pain relief reduction treatment using State-of-the-Art Chiropractic tools that help patients get relief from their Tension Headache and Migraine Pain.  These treatments are non-invasive and not generally subject to manual manipulation of the spine and neck by the doctor making therapy very comfortable for the patients; although, uses the manual manipulation as well when called for.

Every patient is different and requires different modes of treatment and, while Chiropractic therapy is often very successful in helping patients alleviate the pain associated with the common Headache or Migraine, there are times when alternative treatments are necessary.  Contact Us

















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Tension Headache And Migraine Pain

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